Seating Capacity

213 X 213 X 91 cm
6 People

3 Headrests
35 jets
LED control panel
Perimeter Lights
Bluewave Spa Stereo System (optional)
Floating weir
ClearRay™ Water Purification System
1 speed pump (1)
2 speed pump
1 speed pump + 2 speed pump
Synthetic wood panels

 Cabinetry        Brazilian Teak, Roasted Chestnut, Silverwood

 Shell Colors    Platinum, Silver Pearl, Sahara, Desert Sand, Opal, Monaco

Declaration Of Performance
Preinstallation Instructions
Installation Manual, Use & Maintenance
Water treatment quick guide

รหัสสินค้า: J235 หมวดหมู่:


Known for its impressive jet power, the J-235 offers 35 total jets, 12 of which are found in the coveted lounge seat. Five other seating positions include hydrotherapy options that can appeal to all in your family. Two powerful jet pumps provide the experience designed for you by the creator of the industry. Enjoy the ambience created by the Classic Waterfall and the LED lighting, which both are included as standard features. Add the BLUEWAVE™ spa stereo system and listen to your own personal playlist from your smart phone.



    Using the same Jacuzzi® intelligence put into tested jet placement, the J-200™ delivers  an enjoyable   hydromassage.

   CLEARRAY® Plus 2-stage filtration

In addition to a two-stage Filtration System, which includes surface skimmer and pleated    filter, CLEARRAY® utilizes the same UV-C technology that beverage manufacturers, municipal  waste water plants, hospitals and other health care environments use without producing or    adding gas, chemicals, or other by-products to the water as a result. 


                                                        The ClearRay™ system, standard on all Jacuzzi® hot tubs represents an evolution in water treatment. UV light has been used for years as a reliable water disinfectant. The light effectively interacts with the DNA of bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to reproduce. It is a natural process that adds no by-product to your water. Simply designed with a long lasting, low pressure UV-C lamp and integrated in the hot tub fi ltration process, ClearRay treats 99.9% of waterborne pathogens. Sanitising begins in seconds, giving you crystal clear water instantly.


J-200™ Open Seating

Wide variety of seating with classic jets offers complete hydromassage experience with tested jet placement.





Classic Rotational Jets (4)

The NEW Classic Rotational Jet provides a rotational action delivering a penetrating massage. New to the J-200 Collection, the Classic Rotational Jet is adjustable for customized massage.



Classic Luxury Jets (6

The Classic Luxury Jet provides a deep penetrating massage that is perfect for the muscles in the back and feet.



Classic Mini Jets (3)

The Classic Mini Jet provides a targeted stream of water that helps release tension in the larger muscle groups of the back. With a fully adjustable face, all body types can use this jet.



Classic Euro Jets (12)

The Classic Euro Jet has a fully adjustable face that focuses a deep penetrating massage on the muscles in the back.




Classic Direct Jets (4)

The Classic Direct Jet can be adjusted and directed allowing you to customize the pressure to your exact specifications. This jet focuses on small muscles and is perfect for relieving tension and strain.



Classic Turbo Jets (2)

The Classic Turbo Jet delivers a deep, forceful massage designed to sooth the muscles in the back. The large nozzle is easy to adjust.





Classic Pulsator Jets (4)

The Classic Pulsator Jet has a fully adjustable face that provides a pulsating stream of water to soothe sore leg muscles.