Seating Capacity
185 x 165 x 90 cm
2-3 (1 lounge)





Cabinetry     :  Silverwood
Shell Colors : Platinum



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                     Ideal for smaller holiday homes, Lodge S provides seating for 2 to 3 adults. 2 Ergonomic seats allows your guests to sit in comfort whilst a third lounge seat provides a place for another guest to fully immerse their body into the water.

                   For ease of use Lodge S features an intuitive, easy to use control panel ensuring your guests can jump in and enjoy their hot tub experience sooner. The Lodge S features built in LED lighting which provides a premium look and feel to any surroundings whilst a regenerating effect in the water.

                   Lodge S is suitable for both freestanding and built in installations and is available in three different versions, each of which deliver a unique hydrotherapy experience to your guests. Designed to provide constant efficiency the Winter Pro Kit further insulates the hot tub to help reduce operating costs.


Dimensions Length (cm) 185
Width (cm) 165
Height (cm) 90
Weights & Capacity Average Fill (l) 750
Water Capacity – Total Litres (l) 950
New Weight (kg) 245
Total Max Weight (kg) 1195
Max Floor Load (kg/m2) 510
Electrical Requirements Power Supply 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Max. absorption with electric heater 2kW Blower 2,7 kW – 12A | Hydro 3,5 kW – 16A | Hydro+Blower 4 kW – 18A
Pumps Circulation Pump
Filtration Skimmer Rectangular
Cartridge Filter 2×50 sq.ft.
Performance Pack
Installation Freestanding
Features Seats 2
Lounge 1
Lighting Multicolour
LED Control Panel
Electic Heater 2kW
Heat Exchanger
Winter Pro Kit
Electric Heater 26A – 3+3kW
Accessories External access step
Cover lifter
Actiball Magic Ball – Water cleaner
Surface Cleaner
Cover Cleaner
Colours (Shell) White
Skirting Silver Wood
Cover Silver Wood (Leatherette)








Complete Drain


TriFusion™ Shell
ProPolymer™ Foundation
Control Panel
Coloured LED Lighting
Thermal Insulating Cover

Performance Kit

An external professional filtration system made of a pump & quartz sand filter, and requires less maintenance compared to the traditional cartridge filtration system.

– Cartridge Filtration: paper cartridge must be cleaned at every water change and
replaced every 3 to 6 months.

– Performance Spa Pack: sand checked once a year to avoid agglomerates & sand should be changed once every 3-4 years.

Sand is not included.


6kW Heater

A 26A 3+3kW heater allows quicker heating than the standard 2kW heater.


A state of the art technology that sanitizes the water through the use of ultraviolet light and sanitizes 99% of all contaminants instantly. The effectiveness means the amount of chlorine in the water can be reduced by 52% compared to industry standard ozone. This helps to provide cleaner water with less maintenance, resulting in less odor, and softer skin for the user..

Winter Pro Kit

A factory fitted insulation wrap made of polyethylene expanded foam, this reduces heat loss which helps to reduce operating costs, reduces equipments noise and protects from moisture.


Silverwood Synthetic Cabinet

The synthetic cabinet combines the beauty of natural wood, with the maintenance-free qualities of durable, UV-resistant thermal plastic. The synthetic material means no sanding, staining or sealing as well as being impervious to weather or insect damage.


The easy to install Covermate fixes to the floor and helps the positioning, lifting and flipping of the hot tub cover.

The Covermate is compatible freestanding installations only.

ProEndure Silver Wood Stairs

A one step stair that helps you sit on the spa deck and offers easy entry into and exit from the hot tub. LED Lighting also ensures a safe and easy entry into and exit from the hot tub in the dark.